Volume 2 Issue 1

The Answer to Why Some Are Obese but Healthy?!

DV. Muralidhara
Obesity is a complex issue involving both physical and metabolic dysfunction. Some obese individuals are spared from the unfavorable metabolic disturbances often seen in that condition. Such individuals are referred to as healthy obese persons who constitute a considerable proportion of the obese group of subjects. The possible roles of several important adipokines that are studied in this regard are presented in this communication.

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Ecological Determinants of the Happiness Index, Life Expectancy, Incidence and Dietary Patterns in Different Countries

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Radkevich and Dariya Andreevna Radkevich
There is a growing interest to the Happiness Index in the world. Purpose of this study is an analysis of the impact of income, UV and latitude on the Happiness Index, incidence and dietary patterns in different countries. Using the Mann-Whitney criterion, it is established that income is 20 times higher in happy countries, and their geographic location is 35 ° to the north of not happy countries (p = 0.001).

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