Volume 4 Issue 1

PATHWEIGH Tool for Chronic Weight Management Built into EPIC Electronic Medical Record: Methods, Pilot Results and Future Directions

Leigh Perreault, Christine W. Hockett, Heather Holmstrom, Lauren Tolle, E. Seth Kramer and Jodi S. Holtrop
Despite the overwhelming prevalence and health implications of obesity, it is rarely addressed in a health care setting. Providers and patients alike cite innumerable barriers as to the reasons why. The current study provides a framework to systematically address and deconstruct these barriers.

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Mobile Engagement Behaviors Associated with Sustained 15% Weight Loss

Ann Lih, Rojin Safavi, Zariyah Isaq, Shery Haller and Mohammed Bailony
This study aimed to report weight loss outcomes and evaluate behaviors of high performing participants who achieved ≥ 15% weight loss at 6 and 18 months in a precision medicine weight loss program, which incorporates clinical visits, a mobile application (mHealth) and tailored nutritional programming.

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