Use of Liraglutide in a Tertiary Bariatric Clinic: A Case Series

Daniel Ta, Jerry T. Dang, Arya M. Sharma, Shahzeer Karmali and Renuca Modi

Liraglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 analogue approved for obesity management. In controlled clinical trials, high dose liraglutide (3.0 mg) has previously demonstrated efficacy and safety as a pharmacological option for weight loss in patients with obesity. The study objective was to describe various clinical scenarios where high dose liraglutide was used and led to positive outcomes in a tertiary bariatric clinic. Data was retrospectively collected from a review of patient charts. Unique cases of liraglutide use in both short- and longterm scenarios were reported. Short-term usage is observed in patients using liraglutide for weight loss prior to bariatric surgery or other medical treatments. Long-term liraglutide is used as an alternative to bariatric surgery or to treat weight recidivism in post-bariatric surgical patients. The experience in bariatric clinics has proved liraglutide is a useful adjunct to multidisciplinary diet and exercise interventions.

Published on: September 12, 2019
doi: 10.17756/jocd.2019-027
Citation: Ta D, Dang JT, Sharma AM, Karmali S, Modi R. 2019. Use of Liraglutide in a Tertiary Bariatric Clinic: A Case Series. J Obes Chronic Dis 3(2): 36-39.